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About Me

Sex and Intimacy Coach

My name is Joanna Stone and I am a sex coach trained in the Somatica® Method, with a degree in Psychology. My interest in sex and intimacy began when I became single after a 17 year marriage ended and I was thrown into the world of dating. What an eye opener that was! After so long with the same person, I was introduced to many different options and it was both thrilling and exhausting navigating the dating waters. 

I realised that this was an area which caused a lot of consternation amongst my single friends, especially ones who had come out of long term relationships. The insecurities and lack of confidence were really debilitating for many, and I felt passionate about giving men and women, the tools to become their best and most empowered self so that they could enjoy both their sex lives and daily lives being authentic, kind to themselves and with humour.

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